Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HD 4870 volt mod kits available!

Yep, i've got some things sorted and they're ready to go. There's only a limited quantity for now but depending on the response, i'll try and get a larger range in. Email me if you have a different video card and i might be able to work something out (i should have the bits for GTX280s too).

The kit consists of:
8 x Black Ramsinks (i can provide two lower profile heatsinks if waterblock clearance is an issue).
1 x 50/100ohm Trimpot
2 x 5k Trimpots
3 x 3-pin headers
3 x Jumpers
1 x Molex Connector
Strip of Seksui thermal tape
Hookup wire.

All you need is a multimeter, soldering iron, hot glue or alternate method to attach trimpots, appropriate video card cooling and of course, patience!

Price is $30 delivered anywhere in Australia.

Email me to order. I accept direct deposit (preferred) and paypal.

I accept no responsibility for incorrect use of this kit and any damage you might cause to your video card. All trimpots are fully tested before shipping. My blog is to be used as a guide only. Volt modding voids all manufacturers warranty.

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